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Every Tuesday 10am-2pm
Every Thursday 10am-3pm

Victory Hall, Hainault Road

Grab a hot drink and some store cupboard essentials* from our hub on Tuesdays 10am-2pm and Thursdays 10am-3pm at The Parish Council Community Hall, Hainault Road, Chigwell IG7 6QZ (next to Victory Hall.) Also providing sessions with “My Weight Matters” as well as affordable counselling within the vicinity

*We are a select pantry model run through Limes Farm Community Group with the support of Chigwell Parish Council & Chigwell Residents Association, where a 
fee of £5 is paid for essential store cupboard items. Please Bring Your Own Carrier Bags (if possible)
*This pantry model is to support those that are struggling with the Cost-of-Living crisis, providing low-cost food, toiletries and essentials including fresh 
*A small charge will be applied for any hot drinks and food in the tearoom on Tuesdays.
My Weight Matters sessions are run through the Essex Wellbeing Service at the hub for free, providing healthy weight loss programs and progressive education. 
Affordable counselling is run through ACEF offering nonjudgmental, confidential and individual private one-to-one sessions with a cost of £5.

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